Products OfferedRetail Loans - CNC offers products for every requirements of individual and business.

For individual 

  • Advisory for Home Loans & mortgage loans
  • Refinance of existing home loans & mortgage loans for better pricing. 

For Corporates / Business Houses:

  • Debt Syndication – CNC is actively engaged in debt syndication for MSME’s over past 5 years. We provide end to end solutions for working capital requirements of business in line with clients business model. 



Virtual CFO Services

Our CFO Services offer online as well as offline support while covering the entire gamut of financial expertise required by an organization at every step of any finance decision. We function not only as an inhouse financial expert but also as an outside financial consultant to provide our customers best of both worlds and an unbiased opinion at all times. We believe every decision of entrepreneur has impact on balance sheet and we help to entrepreneur to take best possible decisions with our intense experiences.

Core Offerings:

  • Debt Advisory
  • Financial Planning and Management
  • Treasury Services

With the globalization and the challenges businesses face today, a requirement for CFO with financial expertise, risk identification and resolution has become an important requirement for companies irrespective of size.

We understand that “Business of business is to generate profits, not sales…!!!”, as rightly said by Dr. Anil Lamba. We focus on supporting business houses to generate profits by investing their time rationally.



Debt Advisory:  CNC helps its clients to achieve efficient use of working capital which facilitate release of cash to fund growth of business. An efficient working capital management program includes robust systems, seamless processes flows, cost control to improve cash flow of business. We focus on cashflow while customer can focus on revenue.

  • Assessment & arrange appropriate finance
  • Prepare projected financial statements 
  • Refinancing of existing loans on competitive pricing, improved structure and terms
  • Products involved trade finance structures, term facilities, funded exposures

We also manage post sanction compliances for our client which include following. 

  • Prepare and submit periodic documents to lender (Stock Statement, stock audits, compliance to covenants etc.)
  • Relationship management with bank
  • Raise bridge financing for the seasonal requirements of business and enhanced financing needs 
  • Prepare periodic business performance and reviews with lender, rating agencies



Financial Planning and Management: Financial planning and management focuses on identifying, planning and managing the day to day finance and related requirements of the organization

  • Structuring of Financing Needs
  • Managing proper balance between short term and long-term funding / trade finance
  • Compliances related to Tax, RBI, Banks among others
  • MIS and Analytics related to financial data of organization
  • Implementing best practices and re-engineering of processes
  • Upgrading skills of finance team
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Individual financial planning for investments in Mutual Funds
  • Insurance Requirements for organization as well as Individuals
  • Support for external Credit Rating 



Treasury Services: Every business is impacted by movements in interest rates, foreign currency movements, exposures in foreign currency thereby exposing them to associated market and FX risks.

  • Hedging Fx risk 
  • Managing cashflow and borrowing in Foreign currency
  • Impact of Interest rate movements
  • Liquidity management 
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